Paul Sparshott

I am a passionate and enthusiastic tutor who is patient, organised and supportive.
I tailor my teaching to each pupil’s interests to help them engage with the lessons.
I am well versed across multiple instruments with diverse performing experience.

Instrument Tutor – Tracks, Sheffield (Dec 2021, Apr 2022)
Group band tuition and one to one guitar tuition for children

“Paul is able to jump into any situation and come out with happy students with a smile on his face. He clearly loves music and his energy passes on to each pupil making group sessions really positive! We look forward to working with Paul in the future.” – Lucy Revis, Director

Instrument Tutor – Outwood Academy City, Sheffield (Sept 2021 – Present)
One to one in person guitar tuition for Y7 to Y11 pupils (ages 11 – 16)

“Paul has proven himself to be incredibly organised and professional. His students are enjoying their lessons, and the care and attention to detail he takes in preparation for every student is wonderful, tailoring lessons for the needs of all individuals.” – Dawn Sellors, Head of Performing Arts

Instrument Tutor – Tunedin Music School, Rotherham (June 2021 – March 2022)
One to one in person guitar, bass and ukulele tuition for children and adults

“Paul is a great, reliable and friendly guitar tutor. Always puts his students first and tailors content specific to their capabilities.” – William Price, Head Tutor

Instrument Tutor – PGGS Music, Sheffield (March 2020 – Present)
One to one online guitar, bass and ukulele tuition for adults

“Paul is easy-going and patient. He works with you at your own pace” – Liz, Guitar
“Paul is a great, compassionate and patient tutor” – Gareth, Bass
“Paul is friendly, understanding and very helpful” – Lucie, Ukulele